Nutritional Consulting

Dr. Nicole Avena has limited availability for 1:1 nutritional consulting sessions, which are conducted via Skype or phone.

1:1 Personal Nutritional Consulting with Dr. Nicole Avena

Are you like most Americans and stuck in a rut with your health?

  • Do you want to lose weight and eat healthy, but can’t stick to a program?
  • Are you feeling lost because you don’t need a dietician (you pretty much know what you should eat) or a psychologist (you know why you eat poorly…because the food tastes so good!)
  • Do you need some help getting to your goals?

That is where Dr. Avena comes in.

Are you addicted to food?

Dr. Avena has a PhD in Neuroscience and Psychology, with a focus on eating behaviors. She has conducted ground-breaking research on food addiction, and her lab has published seminal papers in the field showing that the highly-palatable foods that we tend to love to eat can actually hijack our brains and lead to addictive-like eating.

How to break up with Sugar and Fat

Diets are hard to stick to because our food environment makes it virtually impossible to eat healthy. But, there is hope. With Dr. Avena’s help, you can use science of addiction to better understand your eating behaviors, and develop the skills and tools you need to break the cycle of addictive overeating. Dr. Nicole Avena has limited availability for 1:1 nutritional consulting sessions. These sessions are conducted via Skype or phone. Each session lasts 45 min.

The initial consultation fee includes a complimentary e-copy of the book "Why Diets Fail".

International Clients

Consultations are available worldwide, subject to setting a mutually convenient time. Dr. Avena is located in the Eastern Standard Time Zone (EST). To compare this to your time zone location, please visit this link.

Initial Consultation*
General Consultation
Package (6 sessions)

*The Initial Consultation Fee is payable in advance. We will contact you by email within 2 working days to make a mutually convenient date and time. If we are unable to agree on a date, your fee will be refunded in full. After a date is agreed between us, no refunds will apply.